SINGLA GIRL New Years Resolutions

SINGLA GIRL New Years Resolutions

At SINGLA we are always looking for more ways to live intentionally and unapologetically. So here is our week by week guide to embrace the SINGLA Lifestyle this new year.

Week 1: Living Unapologetically

We don’t think that your new year's resolutions are about changing who you are. It should be about accepting yourself and running with it. Embracing what makes you happy and not caring what others think about that.


  • High quality relationships
  • Wear what makes you feel good
  • Prioritize your needs
  • Choose people who also choose you


  • Draining relationships
  • Try to impress others
  • People pleasing
  • Expectations of others

Here are some things you can incorporate to help you do that:

Get Moving

Toronto Based Pilates Studio

Neutral Pilates, North York

Focus on connecting your mind and body at this GTA-based boutique pilates chain with locations in Toronto, Markham, and Richmond Hill. They make it easy to improve your physical and mental health. SINGLA partnered with Neutral to host an intentional event and make great products and health accessible last summer.

Fulfilling Relationships

Composed Chaos with Singla and Cindy

Tune in to COMPOSED CHAOS with Singla & Cindy on Spotify to see live how to live unapologetically and navigate through friendships, relationships, and running a business.

Self Care

Organic Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candle

SINGLA Nordic Black Candle

What are your nonnegotiables? With the help of our pure essential oil Nordic Black Candle you can reconnect with yourself and figure out what to prioritize this 2024.

Week 2: Being Delusional

Now we always talk about being delusional. At SINGLA we feel that in order to achieve anything (which you can do). You have to believe that you can first. How can others believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself?


Episode 4 of Composed Chaos, STEM to SINGLA

For those of you that question yourself take a listen to how Cindy transitioned from STEM to SINGLA and how being delusional was instrumental in her transition to pursuing her passions.

Twenty Something

Twenty Something Podcast

‘Twenty Something’ on Spotify

Our good friend Elena Dimitrova navigates through her 20s and shares some much needed advice and transparency through it all.

Delusion (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift and Cat

Taylor Swift Person of the Year

Ms.Swift to us is the queen of delusion writing record breaking hits about 3 month situationships and continuing to not let any backlash stand in the way of her dreams. Check out ‘The Man’ and ‘Mastermind’ to inspire some delusion in your life.

Week 3: Romanticizing Life

Life is just so much better with rose coloured glasses. We don’t think that's naive because SINGLA Girls are nothing if not self aware. Irregardless we think that life is so much more when you treat yourself like a main character, starting with a little treat (anytime).

Gallz Provisions

Gallz Provisions Gingerbread Cake with Buttercream Frosting

Gallz helping SINGLA celebrate our First Birthday

Micro-bakery based in Toronto run by Julia Gallay highlights gorgeous organic designs and timeless seasonal flavours to give you the perfect little treat.

Singla Wine Glasses

Engraved Wine Glasses

SINGLA Engraved Wine Glasses.

What better way to finish off a day (or start one) than to have a toast. We think everything should celebrated, big or small. With the help of our engraved wine glass sets we make celebrations easy.

Pilot Coffee

Pilot Coffee Toronto

Pilot Coffee, 117 Ossington Ave Toronto

What better way to boost the mood than to get a little treat in the middle of the day. We are all just (singla) girls after all. At Pilot Coffee their transparency, amazing flavours, and ethical production make this our go to choice for our caffeine kick.

Week 4: Being Intentional

Finally to help you kickstart your intro to living SINGLA. We want to stress how important it is to live intentionally. Whether that be with what you do or what you consume we think there should be care time and effort put into how you live your life. With that here are some everyday luxuries that are versatile and sustainable sure to make consuming more meaningful.


KOTN Storefront Toronto

KOTN, 148 Ossington Ave Toronto

Canadian-based brand that brings long lasting 100% organic cotton products to you. With comfort, style, and sustainability they embrace the SINGLA values and help work to make looking and feeling good easy.


Mejuri Sustainable Gold Jewelry

Mejuri, Gold Jewelry Spread

Toronto-Based jewelry brand that is making luxury accessible. With ethically sources metals and high-quality materials no shortcuts are taken to being your new go to everyday jewelry.


SINGLA Italian Lace Undie Bundles

Mix and Match Undie Bundles, SINGLA

At SINGLA we use buttery soft Italian lace made of deadstock fabrics and work with women-led teams to make everyday versatile everyday luxuries a reality for you.

Let’s tackle 2024 together.

Singla xx

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