Hi, welcome to SINGLA.

Our mission is to make great products, without the BS. We believe that sustainable fashion is the future and should never compromise on fit, feel, or style.

Polaroid photos of the SINGLA Intimates team of four and founder Rubaina Singla in the shooting studio

What started as a passion project during the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolved into a mission resonating with many. Rubaina Singla founded the brand in 2021, noticing that eco-conscious fashion options are always so boring and never considered ‘real’ fashion. SINGLA intimates are made of lace from Italy's finest mills and recycled fibres, at an affordable price point.

Wearing SINGLA is the equivalent to your favourite cup of coffee, a foundation to start the day. Our buttery soft fabrics and versatile cuts are known for a barely-there feeling.

Our long term aim is to source from innovative textile suppliers around the world, in turn investing in the future of a circular fashion economy. Making shopping meaningful again, finally.