Hi, welcome to SINGLA. Our mission is to make great products that cut the BS (greenwashing, lies, excess).

We believe that sustainable fashion is the future and should never compromise on fit, feel, or style. What started as a passion project during the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolved into a mission resonating with many. 

Polaroid photos of the SINGLA Intimates team of four and founder Rubaina Singla in the shooting studio

Rubaina Singla founded the brand in 2021, frustrated with the waste and noise in the industry. She noticed that eco-conscious fashion options are always so boring and never considered ‘real’ fashion. She set out on a mission to create SINGLA Intimates in hopes of creating a new voice for sustainable products. She wants to make great products out of new materials that last a lifetime. She also hopes to do this at-scale, with next-gen materials, instead of deadstock or scraps that are limited.

At SINGLA, we leave a mark on this planet by purely existing. However, our commitment is a long-term one. We are sourcing innovative recycled fabrics from textile suppliers around the world and supporting eco-conscious manufacturers, in turn investing in the future of a circular fashion economy and consistently staying up to date with sustainable innovation.

We're building the future of intimates, style, and culture - and we hope to share our insights with you along the way.