Hi, welcome to SINGLA.

Our mission is to make great products, without the BS. 

Polaroid photos of the SINGLA Intimates team of four and founder Rubaina Singla in the shooting studio

What started as a passion project during the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolved into a mission resonating with many. 

Singla was founded on the principle that intentionality is a key tenet for happiness and fulfilment, for everything we do. We often spend our days jam-packed with commitments or seeking validation from external forces, allowing little time to reflect and be intentional about our habits. 

One habit we engage in everyday is consumption. Groceries, shoes, cars, clothes, content, social media, and so on. A habit that is so engrained in our everyday can be hard to recognize, change, or see beyond. 

Just as we train our minds to wake up early and think positively, or our bodies to be active everyday and our hearts to connect with new people - how and what we consume shapes our moods, thoughts, and actions.

Our Story

Rubaina Singla started the brand in 2021, pursuing the 'corporate dream' and always on the go. She became frustrated with fast fashion, cluttered closets, and so many new products online she couldn't keep up. After introducing more intentional shopping habits and a capsule wardrobe into her daily life, she realized the positive effects in so many other areas.

She hoped to improve others' lives with the same line of thinking. Months of hard work later, the Ivory and Nordic Black collections became staple SINGLAs.

Product Design

Staple SINGLAs are functional and timeless. This design ideology was inspired by the contrast of minimalist Scandinavian design and chaotic city life in Toronto.

Our buttery soft fabrics and versatile cuts are known for a barely-there feeling. Each SINGLA piece is designed in Toronto and hand-sewn by a female-led atelier in Bogota, Colombia using fabrics from Italy's finest mills.

The iconic fit of a SINGLA product is captured by a moment that all our customers know and love: a morning glimpse in the mirror when getting dressed that makes you smile, despite being sleep deprived and busy, giving you confidence for your day.


We believe that sustainable fashion is the future and should never compromise on fit, feel, or style. At SINGLA, we know that eco-conscious fashion options are always so boring and never considered ‘real’ fashion. On the other hand, brands continue to greenwash stories of ethical production or sustainability.

All SINGLA intimates are made of Global Recycled Standard Certified recycled fibres and dead stock fabrics from luxury mills at an affordable price point. Each piece is foundational and designed to last in your wardrobe for years. 

Our long term aim is to source from innovative textile suppliers around the world, in turn investing in the future of a circular fashion economy. We are constantly searching for ways to be more sustainability-forward, including educating our community and upcycling our waste.