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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Welcome to SINGLA Sleep. Made from breathable 100% organic cotton to help... 

Welcome to Singla.

Raising the bar off the f*cking floor for intimates, sustainability, & style.

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  • Woman Owned and Operated

    Leaders, fashion-lovers, and frequent travellers. Meet you soon. xx Singla

  • Designed in Toronto

    Made for curves. Never wait for the 'right' day to wear your nice underwear.

  • Sustainable Italian Fabrics

    Carefully selected fabrics and a world-class team of sewing experts.

Welcome to Composed Chaos

Two delusion girls going from strangers to best friends to business partners. Hosts Rubaina & Cindy are co-owners of SINGLA INTIMATES. Navigating friendship, futures, fashion and feelings is hard. But what’s life without a little chaos? Listen and learn about the struggles and successes of a girl’s girl living intentionally and romanticizing life. Welcome to the SINGLA family (Warning: it’s total chaos.)

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