SINGLA: Health is Wealth

SINGLA: Health is Wealth

Join us and the Toronto-based SINGLA community while we foster our physical and mental wellbeing with the help of Neutral Pilates and Hairstrong.

Sustainable black lace bralette and white lace bralette lingerie sets      Yoga and pilates girl in white athletic jacket talking

Our community is based on in intentionality. From physical wellness to mental toughness and consuming intentionally, at SINGLA we believe that our daily habits create our thoughts, actions, and lives.

Reformer pilates class based in GTA neutral pilates with instructor teaching   

Third spaces like pilates and yoga studios create a community that SINGLA is proud to be a part of with our timeless luxuries.

Hairstrong scrunchie and girl with red hair in a ponytail shopping   Two yoga girls holding up sustainable lingerie product black and white lace thongs sourced from italy

With our growing SINGLA family let us know where you want to see us next. Juice bars, fitness studios, boutiques... 

Give us time and place and we'll be there.

xx Singla

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