Women's Day 2024

Women's Day 2024

Hey Singla Girls.

Reminder that every day is International Singla Girl Day. These were some of our biggest reflections from this year’s International Women’s Day panel and brunch:

Leaning Out: Wellness and Self-care 😌

Being a woman in leadership today is met with unrealistic standards and glamourized terms like “girl boss”.

It’s important to lean in, to dream, achieve, and create space for women to lead.

It’s even more important for many ambitious women to lean out, to dis-attach from the burnout and “doing-it-all” mentality that takes a toll on mental health.

“Being a woman in leadership today means finding the courage to lean out of your work, identity as a leader, or being something to someone else. It’s about being there for yourself and loving yourself too.” ~ Rubaina S.

Rubaina Singla panel speaker

Creating Change: Women Supporting Women 📣

Often “change” in terms of diversity, inclusion, and gender equity is discussed in terms of policy schemes or new diversity hiring quotas.

For so long, it’s been hard for women to just be heard, a dilemma that lent itself to perpetuate a competition for space.

There is a need for a larger culture shift. More specifically, one where women lift each other up and recognize there is space for all.

“The smallest actions: referrals, kind words, and advice can go a long way. Surround yourself by women who would say your name in a room filled with opportunities” ~ Rubaina S.

Flower making Singla Women's Day Event
Campus Culture: It Starts Here 🎓

The culture in post-secondary clubs, residences, classes, recruiting events, accelerators, and student government is what truly perpetuates in the workplace - they are sequential.

It is so important to start fostering this cultural shift NOW.

As a Western University based & Student-founded brand, SINGLA is proud to be a community for women across this campus. We want to show our future leaders and women everywhere that there is no ‘right path’ as long as you’re following your curiosity. You can be an athlete, a student, an entrepreneur, or anything else, and be trailblazing.

Women's Day photo SINGLA Founder and Friends

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