WOMEN x TORONTO | Launch 01

WOMEN x TORONTO | Launch 01


What started off an attempt to bring a few creatives into the same room turned into a pop-up and social with founders, creatives, and ambitious individuals across the board. 

At SINGLA, we believe in an offline and online approach to fashion. When people come together to build real connections and experience a tangible product come to life after months of design, production, and iteration, it brings meaning that can’t be communicated through social media.

Nordic Black

We launched our highly anticipated Nordic Black set at our first pop-up and try on experience. We also represented 10 small business sponsors/vendors from food and drink, to music and jewellery (Supported by Ace HillDaydreamCops Coffee & Doughnuts, Tilted Glass Craft Brewery, Sapsucker, and Eco Dinnerware with special guest Nicholas Jones as DJ).

We’re on a mission to make shopping meaningful and support our community of women by making amazing products. Let us know what you'd like future events to look like - we'd love to hear from you.

See you again soon, Toronto.

xx Singla

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