How Singla Girls Shop Coffee

How Singla Girls Shop Coffee

How to Shop Sustainably: Coffee

At SINGLA, we value intentionality not only in your apparel purchases but also in our quest to find sustainable ways for Singlas and Minglas to shop for coffee, a beloved commodity.

We embarked on a journey to Costa Rica, one of the world's top coffee exporters, where we uncovered the wasteful and unsustainable practices prevalent in traditional coffee farming. During our visit to El Toledo Coffee Farm, owned by the husband and wife duo, Gabriel and Ivette, we were not only treated to their delightful filtered coffee but also gained an unfiltered insight into their farming practices. Recognizing the wasteful tactics in use, they made significant changes to ensure that future generations can continue to savor this decadent beverage.

Inspired by their wisdom, we have returned with valuable insights on how you too can shop sustainably. Please refer to our guide, which highlights the best products and practices for an eco-conscious brew.


Coffee Fruit Products

Only 0.06% of the mass harvested during coffee production actually ends up in the final product. Many farms are finding ways to utilize the coffee fruit, which would otherwise be discarded in the process. Here are some of our favorite coffee fruit products and where to find them.

Coffee fruit is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which help mitigate cellular damage and promote disease prevention. Additionally, studies have shown that it is effective at lowering blood pressure and preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.


Cascara: Coffee Berry Tea

A great way to access all the nutritional benefits of the coffee fruit while adding a fruity, floral flavor to your tea is by brewing it. You can brew it in hot or cold water and enjoy it either on its own or as part of a tea blend.

Coffee berry tea from leclaire organics

Coffee Berry Tea, LeClair Organics.


Cascara coffee berry tea filled with antioxidants and nutritional benefits

Cascara-Coffee Cherry Tea, DETOUR Coffee.


Coffee Fruit Skincare

Rich with antioxidants and possessing anti-aging properties, the coffee fruit is now being incorporated into various skincare products.

 Anti-aging coffee berry serum

Daily Anti-Aging Coffee Berry Serum, SAMAURA Skincare.


All Natural hawaiin coffee berry skincare serum

Natural Coffee Berry Skincare Collection, Hana Nai’a.


Coffee Wine

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Why not combine two of our favorite drinks: wine and coffee? There are currently few manufacturers in the market. You can read about how Gabriel and Ivette are at the forefront of the Coffee Wine industry.

Sustainably made Coffee berry wine


Coffee Jam

A sweet addition to your breakfast toast or a wonderful complement to a cheese and cracker pairing, coffee jam offers another delightful way to savor the flavors of the coffee berry fruit.

Coffee berry jam

Coffee Fruit Preserves, Valle De Panchoy.



Where to Shop

1. El Toledo Coffee

Coffee brews and organic coffee tea with authentic baked goods

El Toledo Coffee Farm, Atenas Costa Rica.

El Toledo Coffee is a small family-owned farm located in Atenas, Costa Rica. Not only do they reduce production waste by repurposing discarded materials, but Gabriel and Ivette, the husband-wife owners, also actively work to preserve biodiversity and foster a sense of community with other farms to promote these sustainable practices. You can read more about their inspiring story here.


2. Larry’s Coffee

Larry's Coffee organic coffee sustainably made

Larry’s Coffee, Raleigh North Carolina.

Their ethically and sustainably produced coffee incorporates various methods, including shade-grown crops, composting, and rainwater harvesting, all aimed at reducing the environmental impact of coffee production.


3. Pilot Coffee

Pilot coffee sustainable farm to cup coffee beans

Pilot Coffee, Toronto ON.

Valuing ethical fair-trade coffee, Pilot Coffee works directly with farmers to enhance their direct trade methods. Additionally, they maintain transparency about their sourcing and production methods, ensuring an open farm-to-cup story.


4. Sister’s Story Coffee

Sister's Story Coffee to support womens rights

Sister’s Story Coffee, Guelph ON.

Exclusively sourcing from indigenous women in the Andes of Peru, they focus on equity, female empowerment, and donating 15% of online sales to support sexual assault and women’s shelters across Canada.


How To Get the Most Our of Your Coffee

1. Roast 🔥

Light Roast: Offers the most nutritional benefits as it undergoes less heat. It retains complex notes and flavors, with citrusy acidity. Did you know that coffee contains numerous nutritional benefits that can be lost through over-processing? Coffee beans contain magnesium, potassium, B Vitamins, and antioxidants.

Dark Roast: Provides a richer taste with more bitterness and a smoky flavor. While it offers fewer nutritional benefits, it can be enjoyed at any time since it is less acidic.

2. Temp 🌡️

Low temperature (85-95°C): Preserves nutritional value and brings out a more acidic brew, allowing you to savor all the secondary aromas. Ideal for experiencing the complexities of a light roast.

High temperature (>95°C): Results in a more bitter brew. While it may sacrifice some nutritional value, it delivers a deep, robust flavor that's great for dark roasts.

3. Pressure 💨

Low Pressure: Has a similar effect to low temperature and requires a slower brew method (such as drip, cold brew, or French press).

High Pressure: Exhibits a similar effect to high temperature and can expedite the brewing process (as in a Moka pot or espresso machine).

Finding a balance between temperature and pressure is key to discovering the perfect brew for your taste.

4. When to drink 🕰️

Acidic Coffee: (low temp & low pressure) Best enjoyed with food, as the acidity can occasionally lead to an upset stomach if consumed too frequently.

Bitter Coffee: (high temp & high pressure) Can be enjoyed at any time but pairs well alone or with foods that complement its bold flavor.


We hope you can make the most of your beans with these Singla Secrets. Let us know your favorite products, and we can demonstrate how Singla Girls shop sustainably.


Singla xx

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