SINGLA Dictionary

SINGLA Dictionary

Lesson 1: SINGLA Vocabulary

Summer school is in session with Professor Singla. It's time to hit the books and get going on our AP Singla literature curriculum. 

Don't know how to study? We're got you covered with our go to SINGLA dictionary so you don't fall behind. 

     Singla girl definition

Independent and passionate. A girls girl. Trailblazing through life, creating her own definition for happiness.

     Mingla definition

A member of the Singla Community. This is the highest form of compliment if deemed a ‘Mingla’ by a Singla Girl.

     Zest definition

A feeling or action. A phrase or a gesture. An intangible attitude for life. Its intentionality and mindfulness mixed with vigour and vitality.

    Delusional Definition

A state of being and a form of manifestation. Necessary for achieving your dreams.

     Cranked Definition

Describes something that is exciting, motivational, and inspirational. A cross between crazy & cracked

     Lingerie definition

Apparel that makes you feel empowered and beautiful inside & out. Worn for yourself not anyone else.

     Content Definitin

Anything that happens, happened or will happen. Ever.

     Sustainable definition

Something that is truly circular. Something that if done right can withstand the test of time.

     STEM definition

Singla. Truly. Elevates. Me


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Singla xx


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