pyramid stack of black tin candles 8oz soy wax and essential oils

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Nordic Black Candle

The Nordic Black Candle

Last week we launched our hottest new product in Muskoka. 

The Nordic Black Candle, our new signature scent to commemorate a year to remember. 

The scent of vanilla, patchouli, bergamot and black pepper mixed into a smooth 100% soy wax candle and organic cotton wick gives a relaxing feel with a little edge at the end. 

Nordic black organic 100% soy wax candles made ethically


Ladies Night in Minett

Launching at Ladies Night in Minett, so many more Singlas and Minglas can enjoy smell of Nordic Black anytime, anyplace. 


Girl with koi fish tattoo wearing sustainable sheer black lace bralette

Cindy Shen, CMO, wearing Nordic Black.



Want us to join in on your next ladies night? Name a time and a place we can help set the mood. 


Singla xx

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