SINGLA at SWS Boathouse

SINGLA at SWS Boathouse

Muskoka Weekend: SINGLA in the Sun

Greetings from the great outdoors. 

This past weekend, SINGLA took a much needed wellness trip to the SWS Boathouse in Minett, Muskoka. We got some Vitamin D and fresh air just in time for the fresh styles we have at SINGLA.

aesthetic spread of clothing designs and flowers      white lace bralettes hanging in the sun


SWS Boathouse Pop Up

We got to meet so many SINGLA girls and LOVED hearing your thoughts. The lakeside vibes and cottagecore aesthetic is inspiring us to plan another weekend getaway by the lake to bask in the sun. From tote bags, sunglasses, and dainty jewelry, outfits with SINGLA make you feel like cottage weekend lasts forever.

Check out how we wear and style Ivory SINGLA for the summer. For more inspiration to style SINGLA on your Lakeside getaways check out our Singla Summer Essentials.

Girl in linen cottage core summer dress wearing a sustainable italian lace white bralette at the cottage lakeside dock sustainable small business pop up       Cottage core wildflower picking with girl in a dianty gold necklace stack and red curled loose wave hair

Rubaina Singla, CEO and Founder of Singla and Cindy Shen, CMO at Singla


We hope to spread the love and grow this SINGLA community. Missed the pop-up and wondering where to get your own SINGLA set in Muskoka? Check out the MALA Boutique in Port Carling. 

xx Singla



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