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Composed Chaos: Twentysomething Podcasts w/ Rubaina

Composed chaos, messy girl energy, zest, and failure. Singla Intimates was built three years ago by then, 17 year old, and London 20 in their 20s Founder, Rubaina Singla. Starting with lingerie, Rubaina talks about her passion for building a community for self-growth and a multitude of amazing products.

Elena Dimitrova interviews Rubaina on the Twentysomething Podcast

"I don't know how many green plant, avocado on toast, coffee and Macbook on desk photos the world needs to see. I put an ex through the over-perfected, millennial content aesthetic and focus my energy on the real vision: composed chaos and messy girl energy." ~ Rubaina

Alina Huang and Netanya Castillo interview Rubaina on The CAST Podcast

"The number one feeling I've had for the last three years, is anxiety. Yea, I love building the brand but it's not easy. What keeps me going is seeing the grassroots impact of my work, building a community, and allowing my self to take it slow" ~ Rubaina


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