Celeb Style: 2023 is Sheer

Celeb Style: 2023 is Sheer

2023 is Sheer

We're not into trends much. We like keeping our wardrobes timeless and our suitcases light. But the number one item in our capsule wardrobe? Sheer.

Turns out, it's not just us - especially this year. Singla girls everywhere have been spotted wearing the one and only, sheer capsule wardrobe. We were so impressed by some of the sheer looks this year that we had to compile a look book. 

And if you're not ready to free the nip just yet, we recommend layering with Nordic Black. Singla over everything - Singla under anything. Without further a do, here is a rewind of just a few sheer looks of the year - in no particular order:

3. Kendall Jenner on Lori Harvey's Birthday, Los Angeles

Kendall Jenner wore a sheer one-shoulder maxi dress to Lori Harvey's birthday party this January. The dress hugged her long legs perfectly with a ruched detailing. Oh, and she also decided to free-the-nip. In fact, she was one of the first ones to do so circa the body positivity movements in 2017. Truly a Singla girl.

kendall jenner wearing sheer black dress one shoulder is a singla style

Ruched Detailing (Singla's Version)

Our CMO rocked this sheer ruched long sleeve maxi dress on Singla's first birthday party. Wearing Nordic Black underneath, obviously. 

 cindy shen wearing black singla intimates lingerie set with ruched maxi long sleeve sheer dress over top at the fairmont toronto hotel mirror selfie

2. Olivia Rodrigo takes the 2023 Grammys

Our gen-z darling wore an elegant black Miu Miu slip dress to this year's Grammys. The return of somber colours and straight, shapeless silhouettes returns as accessories become the main showstopper, including this Tiffany & Co. Black Bean. Timeless design? check. All black? check. The only thing missing is Nordic black, but we'll give her a pass...this time.

olivia rodrigo grammy red carpet wearing a miu miu black slip dress with singla bralette underneath

Black Slip (Singla's Version)

Breaking the rule of sheer once...but only to show you outfit inspo from Singla's runway debut. Our CEO rocked a deep-V black slip with Nordic Black peaking through. You can never go wrong with an LBD (Little black dress) apparently!

cindy shen and rubaina singla

1. Hailey Bieber's Night Out

Hailey has so many sheer looks, it was hard to pick just one. Some say her skincare is the showstopper, but we disagree. This asymmetrical sheer black look paired with sheer tights and bold earrings had our jaws dropping. 

hailey beiber wearing a sheer black dress for a night out with fleur du mal and singla bra

Asymmetrical (Singla's Version)

It wasn't until much later we realized why we loved the look so much. We'd seen it somewhere before - and not online. Singla wore an asymmetrical look by Michael Costello on her birthday, layered with the Nordic Black geometric lace lingerie set. 


We hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of our favourite looks...but the LBD and Nordic Black are just a sneak peak. Follow us on Instagram or on our TikTok to see the the everyday Singla style.

xx Singla

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