Caring For Our Waste

Caring For Our Waste

Prior to SINGLA Intimates, I did not have a primary background in clothing design and production. I knew there was a ton of plastic and textile waste in the industry that I had seen first-hand, and I knew clothes were being designed for short and linear lifecycles. I wanted to affect this issue because an alternative future is really not optional at this rate [insert horrendous facts about how terrible the industry is]. So the way I see it, the only way to push fashion forward, is to bridge the gap between the beauty of fashion that we are accustomed to and sustainable solutions with the environment in mind.

I was focussed on using better materials to make my products, recycled and lower-impact materials, as they are often the largest contributor to a company’s environmental impact (70%+). However, when I went on a journey to find fabrics and materials that would be best suited for our lingerie, I was shocked to learn just how much waste was created before clothing is even produced and that value chain begins which purchasing raw materials. This is known as “industrial waste” or “pre-consumer waste which includes samples, swatches, and scraps by different companies along the value chain. At SINGLA, we sampled and swatched various products before making decisions, especially given the restraints of COVID-19 and being unable to visit tradeshows or suppliers.

lace fabrics laying out on the floor

This led me to being feeing disappointed with all the “stuff” I had laying around me that wasn’t going to be sold or utilized by anyone, and likely thrown away or forgotten about by me as well. Brands usually attend trade shows or discuss with various suppliers before making decisions on materials. But what’s left during the process - is piles and piles of samples and trial product that doesn’t get used for anything. Not to mention, the actual fabric and material that is wasted during the piecing togethers of garments (not every inch can be used for different garments).

Given that materials are so costly and wasteful to produce (even despite the fact that SINGLA materials are low water impact, low carbon impact, and are recycled from pre-consumer waste). For this project, we preserved all our samples and scraps from the development process and upcycled them to make scrunchies. This is not some revolutionary act as a business – but it’s doing our conscious part to utilize and maximize the value of resources that we produce.

The hair ties are made of the same, Global Recycled Standard, non-toxic, and extremely soft Italian lace as our intimates, but they are all a little unique in shape and colour. Psst…we might be giving them away for free soon!

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